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By any chance you own an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch then you might have the knowledge about the novel iBook application. As an e-reader, it is one fantastic utility however you might not know that it could act as PDF as well as text doc viewer for files saved on your Mac. There are some easy and quick methods to make use of the application and its features would be of added assistance. At first, you'd need to look for the book or file on your computer system which you want to open on your device. Open this in the best or favorite mac application. Then you could click on the top drop down menu File-Print menu option. Print dialogue box would appear and in the left hand corner at the bottom will be a button labeled as PDF. After clicking on the button, scroll down again to the bottom menu and click on the Select edit menu. Another box as an option would appear. Within the menu box click on the plus button, after the dialogue button pops up then select iTunes from the applications menu. Subsequently the pdf button would give an option named as ‘iTunes'. After you have pressed the button iTunes, any given file that has been opened would be converted into this format and then would be loaded into iTunes. The format would appear in the Books section. After you sync your iOS device this new format would appear within the iBooks application which would be ready for you to be read.

The procedure offers you with extremely easy methods of getting documents, web content and such formatted files into any iOS device that you may own. Probably all this information would serve a lot of help to all those who own such devices. The format has been well taken ever since it was launched and the count of users using it is increasing by the day. Also many make use of pdf to word converter converting from word to this format because it offers a lot of security to the information contained in such files.

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PDF- iOS Devices

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This article was published on 2011/01/07